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FAQ - International Driver's Licence

What is International Driver's Licence? All about International Driver's Licence. FAQ for National Driving Licences in Europe. International Driver's Licences - requirements for drive a car abroad,rent a car in Europe. FAQ about driving in Europe, with an International Driver's Licence. Questions about International Driving Licences.


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    Q. I meet many similar phrases like "International Driving Permit", "International Driver's Document", "International Driver's license". So, what is an International drivers license or permit ?
    A: Actually all these titles are synonyms of the same concept. BUT nevertheless, in the official documents of the United Nations this document has the EXACT TITLE: "International Driver's Licence". It's a translation of an original driving document drawn or written in accordance to international standards.

    BE ATTENTIVE! - don't confuse European word "LICENCE" written with "C" - with the "american" variant of the driver's license - "LICENSE". In case you see the inscription ''International Driver's license'' -mind that it is written illiterately.

    Q. How does the Driver's Licence (Driving Permit) looks like?
    A: An International Driving Document looks a lot like passport. It's a translation booklet carried with your actual state issued driving licence. When you're driving outside of your home country, it enables for foreign officials to comprehend your native driver's licences, issued by your actual country of residence.

    Q. In what format the International Driver's Licence is issued?
    A: The Annex 10 of the UN Charter on Road Traffic clearly states that an International Driver's Licence should be issued in booklet form with pages of translation.
    The translation pages are the reason why Driver's Licenses were created. Plastic ID-card type licences are optional and used more as the certificate of identity.

    Q. Can a person with a revoked or suspended national license drive with an IDL?
    A: No. To drive abroad with the IDL You must hold a valid license, issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) of the country of your citizenship or permanent residence.

    Q. I received Email from a company stating I could avoid points, tickets, suspension, etc. by using an IDL. Is this true?
    A: IDLs do not replace or supercede the original driver licenses (DMV type). Those claims are totally untrue. (THINK ABOUT IT!)

    Q. In reference to IDL: What documents must accompany it when driving in the USA?
    A: A valid original foreign drivers license, this is not supplied by International Driver's Association.

    Q. Must I present a passport to apply for the IDL / Driving Permit?
    A: Absolutely not! You only need the following: a normal copy (scan) of your original driver's license (DMV) along with your scanned color photo and signature on a white background (for plastic card) . IDLs are valid in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean where passports are not even required for non-business travel.
    Also, you will need to fill out an application for an International Driver's Licence.

    Q. Is any Drivers Licenses ever valid alone?
    A: IDLs are never valid alone OR in the country where your native DMV driver's license was issued. The main point to remember is that an international driver's license is not valid in your country of residence - as fact, you must use your native driver's license in country where you are living.

    Q. Is there a test involved to obtain the International Drivers License?
    A: No. Your original Driver's License (DMV type) from your home state or country confirms your ability and your right to drive abroad. However, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road when driving abroad and conform strictly to the local laws and regulations.

    Q. I noticed the flags on your website. Do these flags represent the only countries where the IDL is valid?
    A: No. These flags are just links to the versions of the site in other languages. IDLs are valid in all member countries of the United Nations.

    Q. I've moved to the other country. How long is my IDL valid?
    A: Firstly, IDL is issued especially for trips, travels etc. Secondly, if you reside without leaving in one of the countries (not your country of permanent residence!), which have signed the Convention on Road traffic of the United Nations, this document is valid during 1 year. So if you change your citizenship, in most countries your must apply for local DMV license.

    Q. Can I drive with an IDL only?
    A: NO, you must also carry the original driver's license. Please pay attention that some countries require that you apply for the local license after one (1) year of continuous residency! Some people just leaves the country for some days after 1 year for IDL's term renewal.

    Q. At what age may one apply for an international driver's license?
    A: No test is required, but you must have a scaned copy of valid Native Driver's Licence and be 18 years of age or older.

    Q. Which translations are provided with the international driving documents?
    A: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, Arabic and Japanese.

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    International Driver's Licence (Driving Permit) is a translation of a national driving licence. All translations is stipulated by the United Nations Convention On Road Traffic and On Road Signs and Signals requirements for document size, color, format etc. According to the Document TRANS/WP.1/2005/5 REV.1 from Dec 27, 2004, issued by Economic Comission for Europe, Inland Transport Commitee.
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